Catalytic conversion of crude oil to hydrogen by a one-step process via steam reforming

by Albuali, Morlanes, Rendón-Patiño, Castaño, Gascon
Int. J. Hydrog. Energy Year: 2024 DOI:


This work presents a multi-functional NiCoCe-based catalyst for crude oil steam reforming for hydrogen production. Arab Light (AL) and Arab Extra Light (AXL) were centrifuged to reduce the asphaltenes and sequentially steam reformed in a fixed bed reactor. Results showed that the NiCoCe catalyst was stable and highly selective under reaction conditions and in cyclic operation. The physicochemical properties of the catalyst were determined via inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectrometry, X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. The high dispersion of the NiCo alloy on a Mg–Al support was crucial for ensuring the hydrocarbon reforming in the presence of heteroatomic species.