Welcome to the Multiscale Reaction Engineering (MuRE) group, led by Pedro Castaño, in the KAUST Catalysis Center.

In MuRE, we engineer catalytic reactions by using a systematic multiscale approach, developing advanced reactors and catalysts while modeling the collective process dynamics. We target environmental and waste-valorization processes such as the transformations of small- (carbon dioxide, methane, paraffins, methanol) or big-molecules (refinery residues, crude, biomass, lignin, plastic wastes, used tires) into hydrogen, light olefins, platform chemicals or high-quality fuels.


We are a multidisciplinary research group working at the interphase of fundamental catalysis and reactor engineering, trying to find a compromise by using microkinetic modeling, process simulations and (reactive) computational fluid dynamics. In this website you can read the who, the how, the what and the where. Additionally, you can read the latest news of the group, check a list of available positions or upcoming events.

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