In MuRE, we engineer catalytic reactions by using a systematic multiscale approach, developing advanced reactors and catalysts while modeling the collective process dynamics. We target environmental and waste-valorization processes such as the transformations of small- (carbon dioxide, methane, paraffins, methanol) or big-molecules (refinery residues, crude, biomass, lignin, plastic wastes, used tires) into hydrogen, light olefins, platform chemicals or high-quality fuels.



19 February, 2020

Rh in HY zeolite

Our new #publication in @JPhysChem C with Bruce Gates @ucdavis, author of the book which inspired me to do what I do: #catalysis. In the work, we report the pathways+#kinetics to obtain+interconvert #Rh complexes comprised in the cages of #FAU #zeolite –

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15 February, 2020

Thesis in Zaragoza

thesis #defense @unizar #zaragoza great times with colleagues and friends #Hydrogen #reforming #CO2

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11 February, 2020

IUPAC women's breakfast

Proudly attending to the #iupac #women #breakfast in #kaust #GWB2020 #GWB2020KAUST

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