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Dr. Hend earned her B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering department, faculty of
engineering Elmina University, Egypt. While, she has received her Ph.D. from bio nano system
engineering at Chonbuk national university, Jeonju, South Korea. She has started her career as post
doctor researcher in National Institute of Environment Research center in Korean Maritime and Ocean
University, Busan, (South Korea). She has strong knowledge in the fields of bio electrochemistry, waste
water treatment and fabrication of the advanced materials. She has an extensive experiences, more
than 9 years, at synthesis of nanomaterials such as, nanocatalysts and nanofibers electrodes for the
different types of fuel cells, especially, microbial electrolysis cell, microbial fuel cell, ethanol, methanol
and urea fuel cells. She participated in many interdisciplinary research projects as a principal researcher,
to fabricate new advanced electrodes for fuel cells applications on large scale. Dr. Hend leads more than
one academic researcher groups included undergraduate, master and PhD students in the field of
synthesis of the key components for fuel cells, such as, bio anodes, photocathodes and proton exchange
membranes. She published more than 20 SCI research papers for highly ranked journals, included, water
research, environmental international, chemical engineering, bio resource technology, and power
source journals.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on synthesis and development of nanofibers electrodes, membranes and
nano sized catalyst material to be used as cost effective alternative material for different applications,
such as, bio electrochemical system, hydrogen fuel cell, and Microbial fuel cells. Which considered a
promise technology to produce high value bio fuels such as, (bio hydrogen, ethanol, methanol) and treat
waste water simultaneously.

Selected Publications

Hend Omar Mohamed, Mohammad Ali Abdel Kareem, M. Obaid ,and  Hak  Yong  Kim  “Cobalt  Oxides-Sheathed Cobalt  Nano flakes to Improve Surface Properties of Carbonaceous Electrodes Utilized in Microbial Fuel Cells”, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2017.

Hend Omar Mohamed, Enas Taha Sayed, M. Obaid, Kyung Min Poo , Hak Yong Kim and Kyu-Jung Chae “Fe/Fe2O3 nanoparticles as anode catalyst for exclusive  power  generation  and  degradation  of  organic  compounds  using microbial fuel cell”,  Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018.

Hend Omar Mohamed, M. Obaid, Enas Taha Sayed; Yun-Jeong    Choi;  Siham    AlQaradawi;  Sung-Gwan    Park;  Kyu-Jung  Chae “Transition metal nanoparticles doped carbon paper as cost-effective anode of microbial  fuel  cell  powered  by  pure  and  mixed  biocatalyst  cultures”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2018.

Hend Omar Mohamed, Enas Taha Sayed, M. Obaid, and Hak Yong Kim “Effective Strategies for Anode Surface Modification for Power harvesting and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Using Microbial Fuel Cells”, Journal of Environmental Management, 2018.

Hend Omar Mohamed, M.  Obaid, Khalil Abdel razek Khalil and Hak Yong Kim “Power generation from unconditioned industrial wastewaters using    commercial  membranes based microbial fuel cells”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2016.

Hend Omar Mohamed, M.  Obaid,  Mohammad  Ali  Abdel Kareem,  and  Hak  Yong  Kim “Multi Membranes Diffusion Layers for Cathode Potential Enhancement in Microbial Fuel Cell operating by Metal-assisted anodes”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,2017.

Hend  Omar  Mohamed,  M  Obaid,  Ahmed  S  Yasin,  Jun  Hee  Kim,  and  Hak    Yong    Kim  “Electrodepositing    technique    for    improving    the  performance  of  crystalline  and  amorphous carbonaceous anodes for MFCs”, RSC Advances, 2016.

M.Obaid, Hend Omar Mohamed, Ahmed S. Yasin, Mohamed A.Yassin, Olfat A.Fadali and Hak Yong Kim “Under-oil super hydrophilic wetted PVDF electro  spun  modified  membrane  for  continuous  gravitational  oil/water separation with outstanding flux”, Water Research, 2017.

Ahmed S Yasin, Hend Omar Mohamed, Ibrahim MA Mohamed, Hamouda M Mouse “Enhanced  desalination  performance  of  capacitive  deionization  using  zirconium oxide nanoparticles-doped graphene oxide as a novel and effective electrode”, Separation and Purification Technology, 2016.

Yun-Jeong Choia, Hend Omar Mohamed, Riyam B.  Al  Mayyahi, Sung-Gwan  Parka, Mujahed Al-Dhaifullah,  Hegazy Rezk, Xianghao Ren and Kyu-Jung Chae “Synthesis of platinum group metal-free nanocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in air-cathode microbial fuel cell using electrophoretic deposition technique”. IJHE journal,2019.

Enas Taha Sayed, Tasnem Eisa, Hend Omar Mohamed, Mohammad Ali Abdel Kareem, Anis Allagui, Hussain Alawadhi, Kyu-Jung Chae “Direct Urea Fuel Cells: Challenges and Opportunities” Power source,2019

SG Park, C Rhee, SG Shin, J Shin, Hend Omar Mohamed, Yun-Jeong Choi and Kyu-Jung Chae “Methanogens stimulation and inhibition for the production of different target electro biofuels in microbial electrolysis cells through an on-demand control strategy using the coenzyme M and 2-bromoethanesulfonate”. Environment international journal.


  • 2017.08 Ph.D. Bionanosystem Engineering, Chonbuk National University (CBNU), Jeonju, South Korea.
  • 2014.10 M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, El-Minia, Egypt.
  • 2010.05 B.S. in Chemical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, El-Minia, Egypt.

Professional Profile

  • 2019 - Present: Research Associate, KAUST (Saudi Arabia)
  • 2017.11 ~ 2019.5 Post doctor researcher, Department of Environmental Engineering, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, South Korea.
  • 2015.03 ~ 2017. 08 PhD researcher, Chonbuk National University (CBNU), Jeonju, South Korea.
  • 2014.10 ~ 2017.07 Group leader for international cooperation groups for MFC fabrication units, European Union.
  • 2013.10 ~ 2014.10 Teaching Assistance, Mathematics and Engineering, Physics Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Bani-Sweif University, Bani-Sweif, Egypt.
  • 2010.10 ~ 2013. 10 Teaching Assistance, Chemical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, El-Minia University, EL-Minia, Egypt.


  • Best paper award, for ISER 359th International Conference of materials and energy, ICSTEM 2018, 11th -12th May, 2018, Cairo University, Egypt.
  • Best invited speaker Award, for APSMR 2018 international conference of material, July 19-22 2018 Hokkaido, Japan.

KAUST Affiliations

KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC)

Division of Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

Reforming Oligomerization Heat transfer enhanced catalyst Bio- and electro-reactors Zeolites Catalyst synthesis High throughput testing Hydroprocessing Waste Upgrading Catalyst deactivation